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Nordic Green is a Nordic trade organisation whose purpose is to function as a hub for the players in the interior plant service industry, and to function as an inspiring, uniting and knowledgeable support player that contributes to improved plant conditions and improves the reputation of the industry. Nordic Green (formerly SVIR) consists of independent, serious and environmentally conscious businesses that work with interior landscaping. Nordic Green’s aim is to spread the industry’s knowledge on the values of having living plants in private and public environments.

  • Nordic Green makes demands on its members

    To become a member of Nordic Green, the business must be financially stable, have documented industry experience and carry a serious professional practice. To procure services from a business associated with Nordic Green should be a safe choice for the customer.

  • Nordic Green offers support

    Nordic Green’s quality standard gives both customers and members buying and delivery security. Quality guidelines describe how the plants should be measured and described as well as what quality they should have and in what condition they should be. It also describes what should be included in professional plant services.

  • Nordic Green coordinates

    Nordic Green assures that the members’ employees are given continual training and therefore always possess the latest knowledge in modern interior landscaping.

Our Core Values


Knowledge means stability and security and is a good foundation for long-term relationships with employees, customers and collaborative partners.


We would like to be seen as innovative, flexible and adjustable. We are driven by a strong mission to deliver added value in everything we do and to never stand still.


We love what we do and are proud of our profession. It is a strength to be able to hatch ideas and produce solutions together in a Nordic community.

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