Annual meeting 2017 in Umeaa

Our host for the annual meeting, Växtbyggarna Sverige AB, is situated in a beautiful  landscape near the shores of Bottenviken, about 20 kilometers outside Umeaa.  Their premises inlclude a nice orangery , and a wonderful big villa steeped in history of the paper industry’s heyday.

The brothers Johan and Martin Jansson operate the family business.  Växtbyggarna is the only Nordic Green member in this area, but their clients are located from Stockholm to Luleaa.  That is quite a big area supplying interior landscaping services to!

Johan Jansson is a member of the Nordic Green board.  He and his brother Martin hosted our annual meeting in March.

We were introduced to snowmobiling, moose farming and Norrlandish delicacies.  Thank you very much, Johan and Martin, for 2 fantastic days!  There were 21 participants at the meeting, representing 13 members businesses.

The board informed about the marketing activities which have taken place in 2016, and also informed about the result of the 2016 member survey.

Ola Weister informed about Eilo’s work and activities during 2016, and what will take place in 2017.

Unfortunately, the election committee had not come up with any candidates for the available board positions.  That means there have to be an extraordinary general assembly in the near future.