Nordic Green – Scandinavian Trade Association for Interior Landscaping and Plant Services

Nordic Green (formerly SVIR) is an association of independent, serious and environmentally conscious businesses that work with interior landscaping. Nordic Green’s aim is to spread the industry’s knowledge on the values of having living plants in private and public environments.

The trade association Skandinaviska Växtinredare (SVIR) was founded in 1996. During the autumn of 2002, Norwegian businesses were invited to a collaboration and the result was a Scandinavian trade association. What all member businesses have in common is that their work revolves around environments with living green plants. In 2012, SVIR wanted to evolve its trademark and changed name to Nordic Green.

We want to gather all Nordic interior landscapers and bring the industry forward.


Plants should be a natural feature where people live and work.

Our vision is to spread knowledge about the industry and information about the many advantages and values that come from having living plants around you.


We will unite all Nordic interior landscapers and push the industry forward through development.

The goal is for all customers to choose Nordic Green associated business.


We live by the motto PASSION FOR PLANTS.

The customer should always be able to rely on members of Nordic Green to perform to the best of their abilities.