Nordic Green’s Training for Interior Landscaping Technicians

Nordic Green offers unique training in both Norwegian and Swedish that is specifically designed for you who work in the interior plant service industry. The training is internet based and can be done at work or at home, and at your own pace. There are no entry requirements. The training has around 19 sections and you will learn among other things:

  • The importance of plants for people

  • The needs and health of plants

  • Customer service

  • Work planning

  • Ergonomics

Be better equipped to take care of your plants and customers

“Nordic Green’s training for interior landscaping technicians has been designed to give the participants better knowledge on how to develop and care for plants as well as, not least, customer service.

We make sure to regularly update our professional skills, so we can develop further and become even better. The training is finished with a knowledge test before the participant receives his or her indoor landscaping technician certificate.”

Hallvard Førsund – Head of Training in Nordic Green

Contact us for information on registration and login. You can have a free trial period before you register.

Remember to agree with your employer on the course start!